Sausage Stuffing

I love adding more ethnic traditions to my kitchen and marrying outside of your culture naturally brings more traditions to your life. Until I got together with my husband the only kind of stuffing/dressing that I had ever heard of consisted of breadcrumbs either wet or dry. But marrying a Brit introduced me to the beauty of sausage stuffing and I am loving this addition to my holiday table. For sausage stuffing is often served side-by-side with bread stuffing but I could easily see myself just serving sausage stuffing. In the past I have made small meatballs out of the meat mixture but after having it served in a loaf tin earlier this year I think I will stick this that method because it takes a lot less effort and was surprisingly easy to slice.

Sausage Stuffing

2 onions , chopped
25g (2 Tbsp) butter
1 small cooking apple , peeled, cored and diced
800g sausage meat with the casings removed
2 tsp sage
140g (2 c.) fresh breadcrumbs
Recipe from BBC Good Food

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Holiday Leftover Ideas

After a long week of indulging in Holiday food does every one feel the food coma coming on? Or is it just me? We had our Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday since Thursday wasn’t a holiday for us and it was fantastic. But as usual I have been left with tons of leftover turkey. Half of the turkey has already been divided out as lunch meat and the rest I have been having fun cooking up different recipe ideas for more blog inspiration. Today I wanted to share a few ideas for you to use up some of your leftovers. Some of them are inspirations from my kitchen and others have been inspiration I have taken from some of my blogger friends. Remember a wasted bit of leftovers is wasted money so finding ways to use up each of your ingredients is a great way to make sure you don’t over spend this Holiday season.

Turkey and Stuffing Pasty Healthier Turkey Tetrazzini
Chicken and Stuffing Casserole Turkey Risotto
Hawaiian BBQ Turkey Pizza
Cranberry Sauce Crumb Bars Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

Turkey and Stuffing Pasty #SundaySupper

When we started making our move to the UK I have to confess I thought we wouldn’t be celebrating things like Thanksgiving any more. It isn’t a holiday here so I guess I just assumed we would let it slip by. But I was so happy to be embraced by a loving family here who were more then excited to include an American holiday into their lives. It has remind me what the true meaning of Thanksgiving is. A time to be thankful for what we have been blessed with in our lives. And I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that I have married into the Hunter family. It isn’t often that you can say that you are best friends with your mother-in-law.

This Sunday Supper we are inspiring you with amazing ideas of what to do with Holiday leftovers. So in celebration of the merging of this American holiday with my British family I wanted to make a dish that resembled this merger by making a Thanksgiving pasty.

This pasty (a traditional English hand held pie,) is such a perfect blend of holiday food but in a different form to my usual sandwiches. And it was so simple to put together since I used pre-made pastry. I hope you give it a try this year. And don’t forget to take a moment out of the usual madness of the holiday and focus on the people (or pets) that bless your life. Even during the hardest times in our lives if we stop to think about it we can find things we are thankful for. So this year I want to say publicly that I am so thankful for my UK family. Thank you for making my move to another country, away from my family, one that has been filled with so much joy.

Turkey and Stuffing Pasty

500g pack shortcrust pastry
200g (1 c.) cold, cooked leftover turkey, chopped
236g (1 c.) cold, leftover stuffing
59mL (1/4 c.) gravy
2 tbsp cranberry sauce
1 free-range egg, beaten to glaze

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Southwest Stuffed Peppers

For me dinner should never be boring. I love to constantly try new things and see what new creations I can come up with so that dinner is always exciting. When you get stuck in a rut it can be more tempting to go for the easy pre-prepared items from the store as your source of exciting dinner choices. But they are rarely economically priced for what you get and definitely not a healthy choice. Challenging yourself to not get in a rut and try new things can be hard because we often think of new things as difficult. But that is not always the way it is, there are hundreds of dishes out there that are new and exciting without being difficult to make. For my new inspiration for this dish I did a little research online, I was looking for a stuffed pepper recipe that already utilized many things that I had on hand. I found the recipe at, if you are a meat eater never be afraid of finding recipes from vegetarian sites. The dishes are often so full of flavor because they don’t contain meat that they make even the pickiest carnivores happy.

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