Pizza Dip #SundaySupper

Today’s Sunday Supper theme is all about Tailgating. I don’t live in a football loving family, not real football or American football. But I have very fond memories of American football from my college years. For a year of college I lived in a house with 5 guys I went to school with and they were big American football fans. Because of my upbringing of moving around so much I can easily adapt to my surroundings and that includes enjoying things other do. During that year I became American football mad. I watched it every weekend, followed teams and players and enjoyed every minute of it. Once I was out of that environment I didn’t keep up with it but I still have very fond memories of that time. So I wanted to share a warm and hearty dip that if I could go back I would have loved to shared with my roommates, Pizza Dip.

My husband and I were so impressed with this dip we skipped our dinner plans and just ate this, it really did taste like pizza with every bite. Next time I think I am going to turn this into a reduced carb pizza night for us and serve it with courgette sticks and cauliflower chips.

Pizza Dip

28g (1 oz) pepperoni slices
85g (3 oz) chorizo
165g (1 c.) finely chopped onion
75g (1/2 c.) finely chopped green bell pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp dried oregano
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 Tbsp tomato paste
400g (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes
40g (1/4 c.) grated Parmesan
114g (4 oz) mozzarella, diced
Recipe from Food Network

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Spaghetti Pizza Bake #SundaySupper #HelpingHands

It doesn’t matter how many times I see images from a disaster I am shocked every time. I just can never get use to the immense devastation that is left behind after disasters both man-made and nature. I hope I never lose that, I hope that there never comes a time that I look at an image of what use to be an entire row of houses now left in ruins and thing, ‘Oh well it happens.’ And then move on.

If that ever happens then I know that I have gotten to a dangerous place on complacency that I never want to be in. I know we are bombarded with these sad images all the time, and it can be so easy to just flip the channel or walk away. But if we do that then we are walking away from ourselves. Because every one of those people could be us one day, disaster isn’t prejudiced it could happen to any one of us. So that is why this week Sunday Supper is taking some time out of our day to ask you to stop and look at the images and do something about it. When hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the USA it left a wave of devastation unmatched in that area. Many people have lost so much and sadly too many lost the ones they loved. But it is at times like this that sometimes we can be reminded about what is amazing about the human spirit. When people join together to help out their neighbours or even complete strangers. Sunday Supper decided to share with you two organizations that we would like you to consider sending some support to and I am SO proud to say that the organization my parents work for was one of them.

My parents have worked with Hope Force ever since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast seven years ago. This organization not only has such an amazing heart for the people they work with they are also very experienced and skilled in this kind of disaster recovery. But unlike some of the big organizations they don’t have the financial backing to do as much as they would like and rely 100% on donations. They need our support in order to touch the lives of those effected by this storm. Both Hope Force and Sandy Relief Fund are actively working in the communities of New Jersey and I would ask you to consider blessing them with much needed funds so that they can continue to work in these communities.

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

The Sunday Supper crew are sharing with your their favourite comfort dishes to give to people when in need. Whether it is a simple loaf of bread of a casserole to heat later. Sometimes the gift of food can bless the lives of those who are hurting. This dish is so easy to put together for a family in need of some good comfort food. Just skip the baking stage and wrap up in foil, giving it to the family with baking instructions.

Spaghetti Pizza Bake

340g (12 oz.) dry spaghetti
1 tsp. salt
130g (4.5 oz.) pepperoni*, sliced (about 30 slices)
1 (26 oz.) jar basil & tomato pasta sauce (or your favourite)
56g (1/4 c.) grated Parmesan cheese
226g (8 oz. ) mozzarella
Handful of fresh basil
*chorizo was more readily available to me when I went shopping so I substituted it this time.

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