Nutella Truffles #SundaySupper

Can you believe that it is just over a month until Christmas? Where on earth did this year go? I am extra excited about Christmas this year, for many reason. But one of the main reasons for celebration is that the funds came together last minute for us to go spend Christmas with my family in the US this year. Now if Nashville could please get some snow for Christmas like it did two years ago then it would be perfect.

I am not sure how you feel about gifts but I love finding the perfect gifts for people. But this task was noticeably easier when I was younger and had less financial responsibility. These days we find it hard because we don’t have as much money to spend on gifts so coming up with creative homemade gifts is not only fun but at times necessary. So when I found out the theme this week for #SundaySupper was going to be gifts from the kitchen I was ecstatic. Not only do I love making homemade gifts but I love being inspired by this amazing group of bloggers and I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to come up with. And when you see the list of gifts we are sharing you will see that they did not disappoint. It’s so fun to get creative with gift giving and I find that you can actually personalize gifts so much easier when you make them yourself. It is so important to remember during this time of year to not get caught up in the message that is blasted at us through marketing, it isn’t the cost of the gift but the thought. This time of year is meant to be about celebrating with friends and family, not about how much money you can spend. This season would be a lot less stressful if we put less emphasis on getting the best gifts and more emphasis on just spending moments with the people we love.

So lets get in the homemade Christmas gift giving spirit! Today I decided to share a simple truffle recipe. It is incredibly rich so make sure you roll them out to just about bite size. I love making little things like this for Chris to take to work to share with his co-workers. Or bag them up in cellophane wrap and attach the them to the name tag on a gift.

Nutella Truffles

200g (7 oz) milk chocolate, chopped
280g (1 c.) Nutella
1/4 tsp salt
6 digestive biscuit or graham crackers, crumbled
Recipe from Butter Baking

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