Perfect Roasted Potatoes

Growing up we always had mashed potatoes with our Christmas dinner and I was happy to continue that tradition however my husband prefers roasted potatoes, so in order to make sure that everyone is happy I try to rotate what I do each year. But I must confess that it took me a quite a while to perfect my roasted potatoes. Trying to make sure they were nice and crisp on the outside while light and fluffy on the inside proved to be a slightly bigger challenge then I thought. But after receiving some tips from my mother-in-law as well as a bit of research online I am now happy with the results of my recipe.

An essential part to having the perfect roasted potatoes is to start off with a floury potato, something like a King Edward, but this proved difficult in the US because they often don’t display what variety the potatoes are. The only bit of advice I have if you don’t have access to good roasting potatoes is stay away from Yukon for roasting, that is the potato that I used when I was in the US and it doesn’t turn out right. You want one that is floury to get the result of a nice crisp outside with a soft inside.

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Green Bean Casserole from Scratch

Green bean casserole is quite a staple during Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US. But here in the UK most people have never heard of such a dish, I struggled to even find the standard French’s fried onions. In the end I opted for a bag of fried onions we found in the Indian food section of the supermarket, which it turns out were the exact same thing.

Growing up I had only ever had it made with canned soup, but ever since I started cooking healthier I have avoided using canned soup as much as possible. So that posed a challenge for me, because the reason we use canned is because of the convenience of it. There is a lot to do on Christmas and the last thing we need is to add one more time consuming dish. So I had to come up with something that wasn’t more fuss then it was worth and I am pleased to say that I did it. This was incredibly easy to make and it took up less time in the oven, which on a day like Christmas is a huge plus.

Now if you are feeling very adventurous I am sure you could make the fried onions from scratch but for me it isn’t worth the extra time.
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Creamed Corn

It is hard for me to believe that Christmas is nearly here. It is amazing that a year ago I was nervously filling out my visa application to try to move to the UK and wondering how on earth it was all going to work out. And yet here I am, a year later writing to you from the kitchen of my new home in England. What an amazing year!

This Christmas feels extra special for me so in honor of my favorite holiday I am going to be featuring Christmas recipes all month. Now last year I wrote an article on how to cook the perfect turkey, so I want to focus on side dishes and of course everyone’s favorite, Christmas desserts.

Every family has different traditional side dishes at Christmas dinner, I want to share a few of my family dishes that I enjoyed growing up as well as some new ones that I have introduced into my new little family as our tradition.

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