Easy Breakfast for Baby-Led Weaning- Microwave Raspberry Oat Cakes

When I first started Morgan on solids the most difficult meal was breakfast. At first she absolutely refused to allow us to come any where near her mouth with a spoon so the usual items that I would think to serve her didn’t work. I resorted to just giving her things like strips of banana or avocado. But after browsing some Baby-Led Weaning forums I read one mother’s solution was making quick microwave oat cakes. I loved the idea and gave it a try the next day, the result was perfect. Morgan loved it and it was easy for her to pick up and hold on her own. I have played around with the ingredient each time I make it and more often then not just eyeball the amounts so feel free to have a play with it yourself. You can add sugar but I say why give them sugar when they are perfectly happy to have it without. I sometimes make it with just oats a little bit of milk and Morgan still loves it. Don’t just assume that babies and toddlers need things to be sweetened with sugar in order for them to like it. Also don’t think that you need to go out and buy a baby porridge (oatmeal). For the most part it is just the regular oats pulsed down to smaller pieces. If you feel that your baby needs the oats broke down then just pulse them in a blender yourself. There is no need to buy a separate oats for your baby and the rest of the family. Also be wary of the flavoured porridge (oatmeal) if you don’t want to give your baby sugar in those early months as they have added sugars. This is not only great for babies but for toddlers and with some alterations even adults.

Microwave Raspberry Oat Cakes

1/2 medium banana
20g (1/4 c.) rolled oats
pinch of cinnamon
a couple of frozen raspberries

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