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Easy Breakfast for Baby-Led Weaning- Microwave Raspberry Oat Cakes

When I first started Morgan on solids the most difficult meal was breakfast. At first she absolutely refused to allow us to come any where near her mouth with a spoon so the usual items that I would think to … Continue reading

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Chicken and Sweet Potato Fritters #SundaySupper

Even before I had my daughter people use to tell me that babies and toddlers can eat what you eat but that they just need it blander. Now if people were only talking about sodium levels in their food then … Continue reading

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Baked Fish Fingers

One major issue I have people tell me about their picky kids is that if it isn’t in the ‘shape’ of their favourite foods then they don’t want to try it. So in other words if the fish fingers don’t … Continue reading

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Meatloaf Bites

Baby-led feeding is just as it sounds, letting them feed themselves. While it was my plan all along to do this style of feeding it quickly became the only option anyway because Morgan was fiercely independent and refused to let … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new design and a new aspect of the journey

Well here it is, my first official post under the redesign and I hope that you like it. While it isn’t quite perfect and my husband and I will be tweaking details this week I am happy to be sharing … Continue reading

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