Almond-Crusted Sole with Mushroom Pilaf for Two #SundaySupper

I have a confession to make, if it weren’t for my blog Valentines day would just come and go in our house without much thought. I have never been a Valentines person, I actually have never been out on a Valentines date, not even in the days before kids. I don’t even think I have ever received a Valentines card before, other then the ones you all fill out at school and send to your whole class. But when I became a blogger it was obvious that Valentines day was a much loved blogging holiday so ever since then I have been enjoying sharing some special recipes for people to be able to enjoy with their Valentine. Trust me with incredible meals like this hubby loves the new tradition. Although it isn’t celebrated on the day, because lets face it if you are in a blogger family you never get to enjoy these amazing holiday recipes on the day. Our families are taste testing our Christmas recipes in July.

Today Sunday Supper are going to bring you some special recipes for cooking just for two.

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Chocolate Dipped Valentines Cookies

Happy Valentines Day to you. Up until now I had never really paid much attention to this day. A day that was created for the sake of commercialization just didn’t scream love to me. But my sister pointed something out to me that has changed my attitude about this day. She said it is what you make of it. Yes there are commercials on tv that tell you what this day is about and how you need to celebrate it, but today is a day to celebrate love, no matter how that love looks like. My sister for example, she works with special needs kids and her and her teachers are trying to teach the kids to love each other and giving them creative art projects that are helping them express that love. You see it doesn’t need to be an over commercialized day, having a day that we set aside to remind us to show the people around us that we love them can be a very good thing.

Today I wanted to make sure that I let my amazing husband know that I love him. But today was also a difficult day as I only arrived home at 6am after a 21 hour traveling journey with a seven-month-old. So I knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of energy today. So on Sunday I spend some time making these Valentines Day cookies so that when I arrived today I was able to present a token of my love to the one I love very much.

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Grilled Arctic Char with Fingerling Potatoes and Green Beans

How to spend under $20 on a perfect romantic Valentines dinner? Funny thing about holidays like Valentines day it is a holiday created by retailers to sell their products and we accept it as a social norm to treat it as the day we celebrate the ones we love. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it is wonderful to set aside a day to celebrate those we love. I just think it is silly that we buy into this strange list of rules that says we must do it on this day and we must do it in a particular way. Buying your significant other a gift, or telling them that you love them with a card shouldn’t be limited to one holiday in the year. My husband and I have never celebrated Valentines day and as I am reading more about how much people spend every year I must say we will probably continue not celebrating it. Retailers and restaurants push for higher sales on this day through almost guilt like advertisements. And restaurants, well don’t expect that to be the highlight of your night if you don’t like waiting. The average restaurant sees its dinner rush swell to over double and will leave you and your significant other waiting a long time to even just sit down. Again I will say there is nothing wrong if you want to choose to celebrate Valentines day, I think it is just also important to not get so caught up in the marketing that you feel you have to spend a lot of money. Instead of an expensive dinner try cooking up a private romantic dinner at home. If you have kids arrange with either a family member to watch them or if you have friends with kids arrange to watch their kids for one evening in exchange for them to watch yours. This will give you both the opportunity to have a quiet moment alone. For my husband and myself we choose a day last week to celebrate, we just found out that we are going to be having a little girl so our day was a celebration of our love and what that love created. For under $20 we had an incredible dinner that we would have had to pay at least $50 dollars for at a restaurant. Just remember saying I love you doesn’t have to be through spending a lot of money, it is those quiet unexpected moments that speak the loudest. Offer to be the one that cleans up the kitchen while your spouse sits down with a glass of wine. Or secretly arranging for a kid free evening just with the two of you. And don’t forget the other 364 days of the year.

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