Gluten-Free Corn “Bread” Stuffing #SundaySupper

This Sunday Supper we are talking about what we are thankful for. For me this could be a very long post because there are so many things in my life that I am grateful for. But I decided to dedicate this post to my very special father-in-law and mother-in-law both for whom I owe so much to. They have blessed my life in so many ways, of course first of all by raising such an incredible man whom I fell in love with and am blessed to be spending my life with. I am also very thankful they have so welcomed me into their family. I know not everyone gets on with their in-laws and so I am thankful I have a family I married into that I get on so well with.

But while all those things are very special and I am grateful for I want to talk about something more specific. You see I always dreamed that one day I would be able to show case my cooking abilities in a way that I would also provide an income for my family. But fear has always prevented me from doing anything about it. When I moved to the UK I was in the middle of a career crisis. I was doing freelance video editing work but I wasn’t happy with it and the constant hunt for new clients was getting me down. I knew I wanted to do something different but not sure what. Chris mentioned to me that I should open a restaurant, and since Mexican food isn’t commonly found here he thought that would be a good thing to serve. Now I was 7 months pregnant when he suggested this and while it sounded so exciting I couldn’t see how it would work. But time went on and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I eventually came to the idea of starting off small in a market stall. I have an incredibly supportive husband and he has been so helpful in setting this up but I think he would agree with me when I say this would NOT be possible without my in-laws. They have and continue to do so much for me and my business. From watching my daughter when we are busy, to running to a store that is 30 minutes away to pick up something I forgot the night before an event. They are even allowing us to borrow their large vehicle until I can afford to buy one for my business. My business is slowly growing and I am really starting to see that there is a future in store for it even if the growth is slow. My dream is coming true and all I can say is thank you John and Sue for your unwavering support and love. I am beyond blessed to call you mum and dad.

Okay now to wipe the tears from my eyes and talk about food. I decided to feature this fun recipe because it is a perfect quick recipe for Thanksgiving. On my stall I serve tortilla chips with my meals as well as a way to sample my salsas. I am always left with crumbs at the bottom of the bag that I can’t use and sometimes portions will go stale before I can serve it. I hate waste and so I was trying to come up with an idea to use it. One thing that I do is crush up the chips until it is as small as breadcrumbs. I then use it as a substitute in any dish that calls for breadcrumbs, like breaded chicken or in meatballs. But one night while I was laying in bed I thought, “could it be used as a base for stuffing?” I did some research and found I was not alone with my idea. So I decided to give this recipe from Gluten Free Easily. I tweaked it a little to fit our taste and added mushrooms. Any of your favourite stuffing ingredients could be added. This recipe is so easy that it could easily be whipped up if you discovered a guest was gluten-intolerant and didn’t have much time to prepare. Even if you don’t need to eat gluten-free this is such a tasty stuffing I dare you to not eat seconds.

Gluten-Free Corn “Bread” Stuffing

400g (14 oz) Tortilla Chips
1 medium onion, finely chopped
960mL (4 c.) vegetable stock
2 cloves of garlic, minced
2 tsp sage
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp oregano
*Additional ingredients if desired, like sausage, mushrooms, chestnuts
recipe adapted from Gluten Free Easily

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Daddy’s Favourite Pecan Pie #SundaySupper

I can’t believe that 14 years ago a 17 year old me met a 19 your old British guy who became her instant best friend. Having a similar humour they quickly got up to trouble mischief together. I never would have guessed that 9 later we would reconnect after a few years apart and fall in love and that 5 years on we would have an amazing 2 year old girl who is our world. Chris is such an incredible father and I am so blessed to have a husband who has a similar parenting style to myself so the hardest job in the world, being a parent, is made easier with the fact that we tend to always agree what to do. I know that is a rarity and I do treasure it. So to honour my wonderful husband who is a fantastic daddy I wanted to finally make him the pie he has been begging me to make again for years now.

For some reason pecan pie gets put on the to do list of baking every year for Christmas but then somehow doesn’t get done. So for this Father’s Day my husband finally got his wish. This recipe doesn’t use corn syrup, one because corn syrup isn’t sold in this country and two I try to avoid using it because it really isn’t good for us. Personally we feel this is even better then the corn syrup version.

Pecan Pie

145g (1 c.) light brown sugar
50g (1/4 c.) white sugar
115g (1/2 c.) butter, melted
2 eggs
1 Tbsp plain flour
1 Tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
155g (1 1/2 c.) pecans
Store bought shortcrust pastry
Recipe adapted from AllRecipes

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Holiday Leftover Ideas

After a long week of indulging in Holiday food does every one feel the food coma coming on? Or is it just me? We had our Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday since Thursday wasn’t a holiday for us and it was fantastic. But as usual I have been left with tons of leftover turkey. Half of the turkey has already been divided out as lunch meat and the rest I have been having fun cooking up different recipe ideas for more blog inspiration. Today I wanted to share a few ideas for you to use up some of your leftovers. Some of them are inspirations from my kitchen and others have been inspiration I have taken from some of my blogger friends. Remember a wasted bit of leftovers is wasted money so finding ways to use up each of your ingredients is a great way to make sure you don’t over spend this Holiday season.

Turkey and Stuffing Pasty Healthier Turkey Tetrazzini
Chicken and Stuffing Casserole Turkey Risotto
Hawaiian BBQ Turkey Pizza
Cranberry Sauce Crumb Bars Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

Using the Turkey Carcass to Make Stock

I am all about finding ways to save money so utilizing every part of a meal is important to me. Which is why this confession is a bit embarrassing. I have never before boiled up the turkey carcass to make stock. That is until now. Now that I think about it all these years has been such a waste throwing it away and the broth can be used to make a wonderful soup for the cold winter days or used in any recipe calling for stock. I am going to be using some of mine in a risotto tonight. To give it a gorgeous golden colour you need to use onions that still have the skins on them. I didn’t do that this time because in the spirit of using up leftovers I had 6 onions that needed to be used that had been sliced for my attempt to make my own fried onions for my green bean casserole. Needless to say with all the work that needed to be done for my meal I decided this was a bit of an ambitious thing to try to do. So the colour of my stock wasn’t what I would have liked but the flavour was nice and strong and I am looking forward to the dishes and soup I am going to create with it.

What is your favourite soup that you would make with this gorgeous stock?

Turkey Stock

1 turkey carcass
4 Lt. (16 c.) cold water
2 large carrots, chopped
2 onions, quartered (do NOT peel)
1 Tbsp crushed peppercorn
2 tsp dried thyme
2 tsp dried parsley
2 tsp garlic powder

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Cheesy Potatoes in a Bacon Crust for this Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you ready for the belt tightening festivities? We won’t be having our meal until the weekend since it isn’t actually a holiday here in the UK but I am so looking forward to it. We are going to have all three grandkids plus all of “us” kids at my in-laws house, it is going to be very tight trying to get everyone around the table, but then again isn’t that what it is all about. Getting everyone together.

I do try to not let this time just turn into a time to throw all healthy eating habits out the window but at the same time I do like to have some fun. I am of the opinion that if you are trying to eat healthy and you completely deprive yourself of occasional treats then you are guaranteed to fail.

Well at least that is how it has worked for me.

So on this special occasion I wanted to share something with you that, well to be honest if you are on a diet you might want to look away. This is a bacon, cheesy potato feast that is every dieters nightmare. But served up with a large portion of broccoli and a small piece of grilled salmon as we did makes this not feel as naughty as it was, besides which it is incredibly easy to put together.

Cheesy Potatoes in a Bacon Crust

4 medium size potatoes, sliced thin
190g (1 1/2 c.) grated cheese
18 rashers of streaky bacon
1 tsp garlic powder

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