Chickpea Pancakes Wraps and Review of BeetsBlu Heart Rate Monitor

You know me, I am not really one to do a lot of reviews but seeing as how hubby and I have made this commitment to get healthy together right when BeetsBlu contacted me about wanting me to review their device it just felt like a good fit. I have talked before about my difficulty in finding the time to work out so since my time is so limited I think it is best that what little time I do have is used to its fullest. So knowing what activities is getting my heart rate up and how much more I need to push myself is beneficial.

I was kindly supplied this item free of charge, to test and evaluate. In exchange, I agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts. This is said review.

My first impression about the BeetsBlu was it was very comfortable to wear. I remember reading a reviewer saying they actually forgot they were wearing it and I had a hard time believing that to be true but it really was true. I ended up wearing it most of the day when I got distracted after my DVD workout in the morning that moved straight into feeding and playing with baby, didn’t even notice I still had it on till later.

Both the iPhone and the Android that was used to test this device connected to it quickly enough although we did struggle at first switching it from the iPhone to the Android. I believe this might have been an issue with the device being paired to the iPhone so my Android wasn’t able to find it at first. Unpairing it with the iPhone seemed to fix this issue. I found the Beets Blue app is fairly basic, and doesn’t provide any options of storing or tracking your heart rate over time, it simply shows you your current BPM, and the amount of calories you’re burning per minute. Which is great but when are you trying to track these things it would be nice to have the function available. However, this device can be used in conjunction with other major fitness tracking apps, my favourite one being Endomondo so that wasn’t a big issue for me. All in all it is a great product as it is simple to use and easy, comfortable to wear so that even a novice like me could get use to using it during my work outs.

So now onto the delicious food, because that is really why we are here. My mother-in-law introduced us to Chickpea pancakes, that she served as a wrap and we were so excited at how tasty they were, even toddler was sold on them. They are high in protein plus about half the amount of carbs in flour so if you are after something lower carbs too this is a great option. We found it to be quite versatile, we had it as wraps for lunch and toddler loves them with peanut butter for a healthy snack. My next attempt with them is going to be without the garlic and see if I can make these into a high protein substitute for crepes, maybe with some fresh strawberries and cream.


Chickpea Pancakes

100g (1 c.) chickpea flour
1 egg
118mL (1/2 c.) water
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp fine grain sea salt
1/8 tsp freshly ground black pepper

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Review of Tasty Bite Vegetarian Food

Tasty Bites contacted me about doing a review on some of their vegetarian products. Now while I do love vegetarian food and knew I could give a review myself I thought this would mean more coming from someone who is a vegetarian. So I contacted my sister and asked her if she would like to give them a try. Bless her heart I couldn’t have asked her at a busier time in her life. She is in the middle of getting her Master’s Degree as well as working full time as a Lead teacher at a center for Autism in Nashville. But she is amazing and said yes of course she would love to.

Both my sister and I love Indian food so the idea of tasty vegetarian food is a win for us. But I knew that with her busy schedule that the convenience of Tasty Bites would be a big bonus for her. So thank you to my fantastic sister who took time out of her busy schedule to write up a review for me.
I was given the opportunity to try a variety of Tasty Bite ready to eat meals. I have been a vegetarian for over seven years now and therefore appreciate any company that creates products that are veggie friendly and convenient. These meals are ready prepared and convenient for the workplace lunch or a quick meal when you are on the go. While I was able to use the microwave to heat up a meal at work, I do not own nor plan on owning a microwave for my apartment. This is usually a challenge for ready-made meals, but in this case the company made it even more accessible for me. I was able to re-heat the food by merely placing the bag in a small pot of boiling water. The rice meals were very flavorful; I was impressed with the unique layers of flavor. The noodle meals were also flavorful, I would admit that they were not my favorite; I felt the flavors were better suited for a rice noodle. There were two curries included in my package and they both were very nice. I paired the channa masala with the thai lime rice, which was a very unusual pairing, it was a great success. Overall I felt that the ready-made meals were filled with unique flavor and very convenient.

Review of Olivari Olive Oil

One of the first things that you will notice about Olivari Olive Oil is their very clever pop up pourer. It is such a clever idea that it does make me wonder why others haven’t thought of it. This simple easy to use design definitely sets Olivari apart from other olive oils right off the bat. It gives me so much more control when I want to drizzle olive oil into a pan or over a salad. I have always wanted to have a nice glass bottle with a pourer to have my oil in, however in cramped kitchens like my own I have no where to keep it so the olive oil has to be kept in a cupboard. I love that this gives me the easy to use pourer and can be kept cleanly in my cupboard.

Where it also is a winner is in its taste. The delicate, smooth flavor makes this an easy oil to use and would be a great product for someone who struggles making the switch to using olive oil because they feel the flavor of olive oil is too potent. Personally I have yet to find a olive oil that was too potent for myself but that has been a very common complaint that I have heard when I am sharing with others about the benefits of switching to using olive oil. Using an olive oil like Olivari is an easy way to start a healthier switch to olive oil. With its delicate flavor it is a perfect olive oil for dipping bread or drizzling over a salads.

Olivari Olive Oil have very graciously provided me with a Olivari Kitchen Essentials Kit for one of my readers. It includes one full size, 17 oz. bottle of Extra Virgin Olivari Mediterranean Olive Oil, one heavy duty Olivari garlic press and an Olivari recipe card for fresh Bruschetta. Anyone interested in winning the kit please reply to this posting and share with us what your favorite kitchen tool that you currently use is and how it makes your life easier. The winner will be randomly picked.

Chef’N Palm Peeler-best peeler you will ever buy

Have you ever come across something that made your life so much easier that you just wanted to tell everyone? I don’t know about you but I have these memories of leaning over a sink during the holidays peeling potatoes or apples for my dad. We had one of those awful stainless steel peelers that after a while started hurting my little hands. It would take forever and after it was all done my hands would itch and hurt. My dislike for peeling things continued into my adulthood. I wouldn’t even buy regular carrots because I didn’t want to have to peel them, despite my husband not liking them I would buy the bags of baby carrots to make my life easier. But one day I came across the Chef’N Palm Peeler and it all changed.

In my opinion Chef’N has some of the best kitchen utensils out there and this is just one of several products that I have personally purchased and love. The Chef’N Palm Peeler slips over one of your fingers and sits in the palm of your hand. The movement is so natural and quick; I find that jobs that once took several minutes now take seconds. There are a lot of kitchen tools out there and not all of them are actually useful. I mean seriously who actually uses a salad spinner consistently enough to justify buying it. But this little peeler is seriously the investment I have made so far.

Soon to come; a look at purchases that make our lives easier

For the next few weeks I am going to be talking about purchases that not only make our lives easier but can also save us time and money in the long run. I am going to talk about a few amazing things I found on CSN. CSN is an online retailer with over 200 stores, selling everything from dining room chairs to one of my favorite things food storage containers, and I am going to share my personal hidden treasures that I found. I mean seriously people we all need fun things that make our lives easier.

I am really excited about my first post. I am going to be talking more about the most amazing peeler you will ever purchase. Stay tuned for more.