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Hello! My name is Laura Hunter, I am wife and a busy mom of a one who some how squeezes in time to work freelance. I have many passions in my life; family, traveling and gardening to name a few. But second only to my family, is cooking. My love for cooking started at a very early age. I can remember when I was about seven, waking up early, pushing a chair against the kitchen counter and making my parents a surprise breakfast. Now while I can’t attest to how good it was it was that was just the start of my love for preparing meals for others. It is more then just enjoying the food itself, it is the anticipation of having someone take that first bite. To have someone who normally isn’t too excited about meals, pacing back and forth in the kitchen begging to know if it is almost ready.

It is my dream to inspire those who are afraid to cook or feel that they are just not good at cooking, to believe in themselves enough to at least try. I believe that everyone is capable of cooking amazing meals and that with a little bit of guidance and encouragement that people can achieve more in the kitchen then they ever thought possible. That is why I strive to photograph my recipes in cooking steps, because I know you can learn so much from seeing it rather then just reading it.

I also believe that when it comes to dealing debt the best way to reduce your family’s budget is in the kitchen. At different points in our lives we all struggle with our budgets and it can seem impossible to pay off our debts let along save any money. But I have found that when I tackled our food budget and make certain lifestyle changes with our eating we saw a huge difference in the amount of money we saved each week. You might be amazed at how significant a small change can make.

Have thoughts, questions, or suggestions? Contact Laura at laura@smallwalletbigappetite.com

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Laura,

    I am an old High School friend of your father. Love what you are doing with your blog. While I depend on people eating out to make ends meet, it is great that you are showing others how to make ends meet by eating in.

    David Woodruff

  2. I have to say the advice you have given me personally and threw your blog have changed how I feed myself and family! From simple ideas like buying bulk rice or frozen produce to the lovely recipes here! Thank you for the inspiration and great advice!

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