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How appropriate that this weeks Sunday Supper Theme is all about street food as my life’s work has become all about street food. California Taco is keeping me really busy, in fact I have a big event tomorrow that has me pulling my hair out as I am trying not to panic about whether or not I bring enough food. My last Carnival that I did I ran out of food 3 hours before the event ended. It is all a learning experience and I am getting better with each large event that I do. Sadly because of all of the preperation I have had to do I ran out of time to write the blog posting I wanted to today. So even though I photographed all the stages like I normally do I just didn’t have time to edit them and blog them so for the first time I am just going to direct you to the amazing blog where I got this fantastic recipe. If you love Korean food then Maangchi is going to be such an incredible treat for you. This blog is full of the most amazing Korean recipes with fantastic step-by-step photos and even videos to help you create these wonderful dishes that sometimes can be intimidating if you have never made them before.

This dish is Hotteok, a traditional Korean street food that I feel in love with while we were there. It is a dough filled with nuts and brown sugar. It is sweet without being sickly and reminds me of cold days in South Korea trying to keep up with my parents while I ate and walked because I was never patient enough to wait until we found a place to sit down.

So check out the recipe here. And don’t forget to check out all the rest of the Street Food Inspired dishes.
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15 thoughts on “Hotteok #SundaySupper

  1. This reminds me of the Indonesian sweet martabak. I am so pleased to hear that your business is doing so well, Laura! Selling out is a good thing. Better than having leftovers but I hear what you are saying about trying to judge how much to make. May you make more and still sell out!

  2. Hotteok was my favorite street food when I visited South Korea also! I loved how they came in pretty shapes. I remember one being shaped like a fish, and the iron baked a scale pattern onto the outside. Thanks for the fond memory.

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