Broccoli and Cheese Mini Quiche

A low-sugar cake wasn’t the only challenge that I gave myself for my daughter’s birthday party. I also wanted to make sure that I served an entire menu of baby-led weaning safe meals. Nothing that was served wasn’t suitable for her or her friends. I won’t lie it was a lot of work, it meant that everything was made from scratch and prepared so that they would be appropriate size bites for little ones. I was up until midnight the day before the party but the result was even more then I expected, it just goes to show what we are willing to do for our kids. The babies loved it and everything was also adult approved. I served a large platter of fruit and veggies that were all cut and prepared so that off the plate they were ready for tiny hands. I also served my mini sausage rolls, mini ham and cheese sandwiches, mini cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches and broccoli and cheese mini quiche bites. These little quiche bites were the biggest hit for the young and old. They were perfect on bite appetizers for the adults and perfect for tiny hands to hold and chew. And they are also so versatile, I had some extra egg so I also quickly threw together a few that had bacon but there are tons of varieties you could combine. These simple quiche bites could easily be prepared beforehand and frozen. Use as a simple sandwich alternative for kids lunch boxes or have a quick appetizer ready and on hand for surprise guests. When you are ready to use them just defrost in the fridge and serve cold.

Broccoli and Cheese Mini Quiche

(2 c.) broccoli florets
4 eggs
1/4 tsp black pepper
(1 c.) milk
(1 c.) shredded low-fat cheddar cheese
200g ready-made shortcrust pastry, cold

Cook the broccoli in boiling, salted water for 5 minutes, or until just tender. Place in colander to drain well. Chop into fine bites size pieces.

Preheat oven to 180 C (350 F).

In a large bowl whisk the eggs, pepper and milk.

Roll out the cold shortcrust pastry and cut out 2 inch squares, the size could vary depending on the size of the muffin tin you are using.

Place each pastry square into the muffin tin and press to form a small cup.

Add a small amount of broccoli and cheese to each cup. You want the mixture to just come up to the top of the muffin tin, but not overflowing.

Slowly spoon in approximately 1 Tbsp of egg mixture over the broccoli. Again you want to fill the pastry but don’t let it pour over the pastry.

Bake in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes, until the top of the egg turns a golden brown.

This recipe will make about 24 mini quiches.

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  1. Your Broccoli and cheese mini quiche looks so good but try as I may I can’t get the recipe to load. The right half- pictures and instructions get cut off every time. Sounds like it was a wonderful party!

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