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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: Gingerbread Men

Wow, Christmas is pretty much here and so is the end of the year, and what a great year it has been too. As this is going to be my last posting for the year I wanted to spend some … Continue reading

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Leftover Turkey Risotto

It is amazing that in four days it will be Christmas. This is my favorite season but sadly it always seems to go by so quickly. It won’t be long and we will be thinking about the New Year and … Continue reading

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Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

During the year I try really hard to stay away from baking a lot of cookies because lets face it I have no self-control when it comes to cookies. But Christmas is the one time of year that I let … Continue reading

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Perfect Roasted Potatoes

Growing up we always had mashed potatoes with our Christmas dinner and I was happy to continue that tradition however my husband prefers roasted potatoes, so in order to make sure that everyone is happy I try to rotate what … Continue reading

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Green Bean Casserole from Scratch

Green bean casserole is quite a staple during Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US. But here in the UK most people have never heard of such a dish, I struggled to even find the standard French’s fried onions. In the … Continue reading

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