Brie and Tomato Chutney on Ciabatta Bread

For me there is nothing more dull for lunch then a really boring sandwich. The thing is that I do love sandwiches it is just more often then not it can be a very dully prepared item. It doesn’t have to be that way! Challenging yourself to come up with more exciting sandwiches not only makes your taste buds sing but it can be economical because you are less tempted to go out and spend money on lunch when your own homemade lunch is something you are actually looking forward to eating. So for fun I have challenged myself to come up with delicious and easy sandwich recipes. I am ending this week with my first recipe as I prepare for my lunch focused blog week next week. The challenge being to add some excitement and flavor to what can often be a rather simple meal.

Brie and Tomato Chutney on Ciabatta Bread

1 Ciabatta Loaf cut into four servings
8 oz of Brie cut into slices
2 ripe Roma tomatoes, sliced
3-4 Basil leaves sliced length ways
Handful of lettuce leaves (or spinach)
4 Tbsp of Tomato Chutney

Slice the Ciabatta loaf into four servings and slightly toast.

Spread 1 Tbsp of Tomato Chutney onto one side of the Ciabatta loaf. Chutneys aren’t as commonly used in the US and after having this sandwich I have to say that it is our loss. This sweet tomato chutney really made the difference to the sandwich. And it adds a lot less fat then if you were to use mayonnaise.

Add a layer of Brie on the other side of the bread.

Add a layer of lettuce leaves over the cheese, adding this layer first is especially important if you are preparing this sandwich to be consumed later as it will add a moisture barrier between the tomatoes and cheese. Then add a few slices of tomato and basil.

Place the Tomato Chutney side on top and serve, or wrap in plastic wrap and save for later. This is best eaten as soon as possible so if you are preparing this for a lunch box do it in the morning rather then at night as the bread will become too soggy sitting in the fridge.

One thought on “Brie and Tomato Chutney on Ciabatta Bread

  1. This looks delicious – a more quot;Frenchquot; version of a Caprese. The tomato chutney looks really interesting. I can#39;t wait to try this recipe!

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