Review of Olivari Olive Oil

One of the first things that you will notice about Olivari Olive Oil is their very clever pop up pourer. It is such a clever idea that it does make me wonder why others haven’t thought of it. This simple easy to use design definitely sets Olivari apart from other olive oils right off the bat. It gives me so much more control when I want to drizzle olive oil into a pan or over a salad. I have always wanted to have a nice glass bottle with a pourer to have my oil in, however in cramped kitchens like my own I have no where to keep it so the olive oil has to be kept in a cupboard. I love that this gives me the easy to use pourer and can be kept cleanly in my cupboard.

Where it also is a winner is in its taste. The delicate, smooth flavor makes this an easy oil to use and would be a great product for someone who struggles making the switch to using olive oil because they feel the flavor of olive oil is too potent. Personally I have yet to find a olive oil that was too potent for myself but that has been a very common complaint that I have heard when I am sharing with others about the benefits of switching to using olive oil. Using an olive oil like Olivari is an easy way to start a healthier switch to olive oil. With its delicate flavor it is a perfect olive oil for dipping bread or drizzling over a salads.

Olivari Olive Oil have very graciously provided me with a Olivari Kitchen Essentials Kit for one of my readers. It includes one full size, 17 oz. bottle of Extra Virgin Olivari Mediterranean Olive Oil, one heavy duty Olivari garlic press and an Olivari recipe card for fresh Bruschetta. Anyone interested in winning the kit please reply to this posting and share with us what your favorite kitchen tool that you currently use is and how it makes your life easier. The winner will be randomly picked.

7 thoughts on “Review of Olivari Olive Oil

  1. I love my potato ricer. I grew up on lumpy-ish mashed potatoes, BUT got a ricer on a whim one day not knowing what it really was for…. well I pulled it out, and got the best mashed with them! Now I#39;m hooked on the smooth ones, much to my husbands delight. Turns out its WAY faster than sitting there with a regular masher too. LOVE THIS TOOL! – Emily Johns

  2. The quot;veggiechop vegetable chopperquot; from Williams Sonoma, apart from having a redundant name it is awesome for cutting onions. Fully chopped, no tears! Amazing.

  3. I have a #39;garlic taxi#39;. It#39;s not actually a taxi for garlic, although it looks like one…br /You pop the cloves in the middle, clip it shut and then run the wheels up and down the worktop and it minces it so finely – i love it!br /br /;__gclid__amp;gclid=CLrI66KqgagCFcod4QodPjPhrg

  4. SNAP! My favourite kitchen gadget is definitely my Chef#39;n Veggie Chop. It#39;s so handy for onions, breadcrumbs, herbs even nuts and easy to clean.

  5. We use olive oil almost every day; never know what brand to choose! Certainly will try it – big difference in quality of taste, sand once you#39;ve purchased a bottle you have to finish it off whether you#39;re pleased with it or not : ( Looks like a good blog you have here!

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