Change is coming for Small Wallet, Big Appetite

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Some big changes are coming to my life and they will effect Small wallet, Big Appetite, but change is good and I am excited about these changes. The first big change is happening April 11th, my husband and I are moving back to his home country, England. We are so excited about starting our new life together, excited to see what new adventures are in store for our family. The second big change is coming in July with the expected birth of our first child. No words describe how excited and joyful we are about this new arrival in our family.

Now what does this mean for Small wallet, Big Appetite? Well several changes are coming and not all of them related to my personal life changes. In the next few weeks you will start to see changes to the interface and design of the website as well as updates on all of the recipes. Being new at blogging and creating recipes there are a few things that I didn’t take into consideration before that I have become aware of. For one thing none of my recipes had serving sizes and when my main focus is on how to help people budget and eat healthier that can prove to be very frustrating especially for those on things like weight watchers. So I will be reviewing all of my recipes and doing my best to give accurate serving sizes for them. The other thing that I found has proven difficult for many of my readers is that for some of my recipes I haven’t added a weight amount. In the US it is common for certain items to be pretty standard when it comes to the packaging so I have been guilty of saying something like 1 pkg of X. Well seeing as how I have a lot of readers in the UK and across the Globe this proves to be a difficult thing to convert. So I will be also making changes to include proper weights and measurements so it is an easier task to convert for others.

Other changes related to my upcoming move is that there may be weeks where I am not as active as normal, however this will not last long and there will always be at least one new posting a week. But by far the most exciting adventure that I am looking forward to undertaking is when my little one arrives. The mission statement of Small Wallet, Big Appetite is how to enjoy food without breaking your budget and that will continue. But with the new addition of a baby I will be challenged to undertake what many of my readers already do and that is juggle it with taking care of a baby. I look forward to the challenge and in overcoming the obstacles I face related to it and I will share that as they happen. I will also be talking about budgeting tips when it comes to the expenses of a child. Tackling the cost of baby food and healthier and cheaper solutions with making your own. I won’t fool myself into thinking this is an easy undertaking but I am excited for the challenge and I hope that you as my readers will enjoy coming along the adventure with me.

So in celebration of the new changes in store I am offering up a contest for a $35 dollar gift code for to my first new follower. Just click follow on my blog and email me at so I can email you the gift code. Thank you all and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

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