New lunch meat ideas

I am always trying to come up with new ideas that will make my life just a little bit easier but this one I have to give the credit to my husband. It was something that he had started doing even before we got married and I have continued with it because I think it is a great idea. So we do packed lunches during the week because if we didn’t just the cost of a small sandwich and a bag of chips every day would probably double our budget. But the challenge for us was to find good quality meat that wasn’t expensive. We don’t care for packaged sliced meat, as my husband says, ‘It tastes salty water with the texture of tofu’. And to be honest after looking at the list of ingredients on the packaging, most of which are things I have no idea how to pronounce, I would just rather not know what is exactly in it. So we instead opt for the in house smoked meats from the meat counter. But after a while it can get a bit expensive.

So my husband decided to buy one of those in house roasted chickens. You know those chickens that they are so desperate to get rid of at the end of the night because they can only sell it the day it was cooked.

We take the chicken home and slice off every last bit of meat and then pack them up in zip lock bags.

Freezing what we know won’t be eaten that week so that it stays nice and fresh. All in all it makes about four weeks worth of sandwiches for the both of us and only costs us $5. Now how is that for a price tag.

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