The buying in bulk risk

We have all experienced it some time or another. You walk in to your grocery store and they are having a great sale on meat and you think to yourself ‘that is a great deal, I better stock up’. What better way to save money then buying in bulk, right? While it is true that buying your meat in bulk can be a huge relief to the budget, but it is best to be done with some forethought. Because in the same way that it can be a money saving option it can quickly become a costly one.

When you are buying meat in bulk there are two things to consider. One, are you cooking for a large group of people, if so you may need to use up all of the meat you are purchasing. And two, if you aren’t going to be cooking up all of the meat at once how much you will use now and how much you should freeze. A bit mistake I use to make was buying meat and when I got home I would put the entire package in the freezer. But the problem is once you defrost the meat it really isn’t the best idea to then refreeze it. So you end up having to use up the entire amount.

I wasted so much food cooking it all up and feeding only two people. So I came up with a method that for me has saved me money and I am pretty sure if do the same for you.
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Thai tofu curry

So I attempted to make my tofu curry last week and after a few frustrating disasters with ingredients it was put off for a later date. And to be honest that was the best thing that could have happened. While I was waiting for my plane this weekend, I surprised my dad for his 50th birthday, I occupied myself reading several blogs about tofu and curry and happened upon Melissa Ray Davis’, How to Cook Tofu Like the Pros: Dry-fry and Marinate Method on Hub Pages. I was so excited to read her post because tofu has always been the hardest thing for me to master. My first few attempts turned out so bad my husband described it by saying it was like he had just bit into a dish sponge. Not something a cook ever wants their food described as. Melissa walks through the process of making perfect tofu and I can’t wait to try it on even more dishes in the future.

The best part about this experience is the fact that my husband doesn’t normally like Thai curries. Having grown up only eating Indian curries he struggled getting use to a curry that was slightly sweet. I can safely say that this was the first Thai curry that he not only liked but asked for seconds. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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