Every Penny Counts

As my husband and I embark on this adventure called life the one thing that we struggle with, like so many people, is money. Trying to pay off debts and save up money can be such a struggle, so I am constantly trying to come up with ways to save us money. One of those changes I have talked about before is with our food budget. I have worked really hard to keep our costs down every month and I have no problem cutting out coupons to do that, but I have never really found a good resource for coupons. Finally today I happened upon a site that I am very excited about. And while I normally try to wait to talk about a new product, recipe or service until after I have experimented with it for a while I wanted to share this one right away. www.afullcup.com is not just a place to find coupons it is a community of people who are just like you, trying to save every penny they can. It is full of tips and advice on how and where to go to save money. It has a fantastic forum and a very informative blog about where to go to get the best deals of the week. Trust me there is no better feeling then seeing your debt go down and your savings account go up and by introducing things like A Full Cup into your daily routine you can start to see that happen. It takes many small steps to change your financial situation but one thing is true if you do nothing at all then nothing will change. Don’t just wish for financial freedom take steps to change bad habits and create good ones.

Sesame Whole-Wheat Rolls

Before I begin let me first say I am sorry to my Gluten-Free Diet friends, this might not be a fun read. Because in keeping with my desire to reduce our waist lines as well as our budget I have turned to baking all of our bread. It was so frustrating going to the store and sifting through all of the bread to find something that not only had ingredients that I could understand but was also healthy. While I am blessed to have a store with a fresh bakery to help with that selection I was still very much out of control over what ingredients were used. Bread is one of the number one issues I hear people complain about when dieting so i knew that if I could find a way to control it for us it would aid in the weight loss goals. It was a bit of a challenge at first as I really hadn’t really done much baking. I had always considered it a time-consuming, difficult task that just wasn’t going to work in my daily life.

It started with the introduction of a bread maker last year, courtesy of my wonderful mother-in-law Sue. Working with the bread maker was so simple that it began to take away some of my fears of baking. As time went on I grew braver in my experimenting and ventured into baguettes and rolls and am even working on making homemade pasta. Not only did I find it easier then I thought it would be, I found ways to incorporate it into my routine without draining too much time. I do my recipe research before hand and make sure that I have all the ingredients I need for either two different styles of bread or two loaves. I choose a baking day and then devote a few hours of my day to baking at least two loaves/rolls, by doing this I am able to make enough bread to last my husband and I almost a month, making in bulk and freezing it. Aside from being cheaper in the long run, as well as healthier, I can attest to it being an absolutely delicious change in my diet.

This recipe isn’t the healthiest I have come across but it was too good to pass up.

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